The World Trade Organization (WTO) was formed on January 1, 1995, replacing the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades. It is a world-renowned organization that deals with trade disputation among countries. The purpose of the World Trade Organization is to lower trade barrier and encourage countries to trade with each other , promote fair competitions between countries and promote trade liberalization to accelerate economic growth and economic globalization. In addition, the World Trade Organization also want to reduce poverty in developing nations by international trade.

The World Trade Organization focus on four major areas:
  • Tariffs: Once a tariff is bound, the country can not increase the tariff without the other countries permissions.
  • Services: Foreign corporation should be treated equally as the local corporations.
  • Intellectual Property: To protect intellectual property by increase of safeguard. And protect documents under copyright.

What the World Trade Organization do?
  • Reviewing trade policies. The European Union, U.S., Canada, and Japan are the four biggest trader in the World Trade Organization are reviewed every two years. Reviewing World Trade Organization's member's trade practise.
  • Settling trade disputes.
  • Train developing countries to trade. Provides information on marketing techniques to developing countries.
  • Contributing to the making of Economic policy.

Good or Bad?
On the World Trade Organization home page, they say they keep the peace, reduce inequality, reduce prices on goods, stimulates economic growth, and encourage good environment.<-----Visit World Trade Organization's 10 benefits page for more information on why it is good.
But why are so many people still against it?
World Trade Organization do not care about people in developing countries, refuses to address problems like child labour, worker's right because of free trade. Increase inequality by producing goods at places where wages are low and no restrictions on the environment. The World Trade Organization also take peoples lives away because they are so strict with intellectual property right.

Protest Against the World Trade Organization in Seattle